To the left: Andor Wesselényi-Garay PhD was born in 1969 in Szeged. He graduated from the Budapesti Szent István Gimnázium (Szent István High School, Budapest) in 1987 and started his university studies in 1988 at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest. He graduated in 1994 and was awarded the 3rd prize in the Diploma Competition of Magyar Építőművészek Szövetsége (Association of Hungarian Architects) for his diploma project.

In 1995, together with Gábor Osváth, he established his own architectural firm called GYÁR (FACTORY). The studio covered the entire field of the architectural profession: architecture, interior design, urban and product design, all of which were accorded the same level of importance.

He launched an independent office in 2001 called W-G-A PSYCHODESIGN, and at this point in time his interest turned to the theoretical side of architecture. Since 2000 he has been an external correspondent for the periodical ALAPRAJZ and a member of its advisory board. Since 2002 he has been the architectural senior editor of ATRIUM magazine and its editor-in-chief since 2006. He is the author of some three hundred architectural articles, essays, reviews and studies that have been published in the periodicals ATRIUM, ALAPRAJZ, r-ú MÉ and at

At present he is an associate professor at the Department of Architecture at the University of Debrecen.


There is an indefinite number of views about drawing.

However, there is one fact alone: drawing IS. IT EXISTS.