What does drawing mean to me? It’s important. Well, no. Can I leave the line if I cross over the line? Explaining what the line is beyond the line. If a machine is in charge, I accept the explanation it provides. Although whatever I want to “write”, the program would not let me. The situation is easier with a felt tip pen because it does not store ready-made macros, thus what it draws (I draw) can be presented at a drawing exhibition. Does the pen draw or do I? The paper moves beneath the unmoving pen. The table moves beneath the unmoving paper. The house moves beneath the unmoving table. An earthquake! Drawing is thus an earthquake in reverse. Anyway. You can’t draw an earthquake mathematically because the sum of the negative earthquake, i.e. the act of drawing, and the negative earthquake, i.e. the resultant object, is zero and the paper remains untouched and nothing can be seen. Information is thus absorbed and destroyed simultaneously with the idea like light in a black hole.