Architectural drawing is a two-dimensional abstraction of a three-dimensional idea. Drawing is not only a tool but also an essence. The line is not merely an element of drawing but rather compacted essence. This is why it has incredible power and weight. It leaves a mark not only on the paper but on the soul too.

Drawing a line, drawing itself, is responsibility. At its very birth the line already begins a dialogue. It tells a tale and it talks with you. This is frightening and awkward but also enriching and uplifting. The line reveals.

The line is the smallest unit of architectural drawing as the language of architecture. The dot is the smallest line.

The line is necessary but in itself it is not sufficient for correct “speech”. It delineates, educates and guides. It is never indifferent. It does not leave you alone, it provokes you.
The ideas of an architect are given shape in a line.

The line gives birth to ideas.
The line tells tales, talks with you and involves you, it raises you up and finds you out.
We draw because we want to talk. Sometimes just to tell a story. To be.
If there is no line, there is nothing.