My work is between architecture and nature, between outside and inside. Together with the drawing, the texts I write on paper help me to go beyond shape. I like to have the relationship between drawings and text, to have feedback from a drawing to the text and back. That helps me to go beyond not only the shape but also the text and the drawing thus I can find something new.

For me drawing is not just an expression but a process through which I would like try to find something behind my own thoughts I don’t just draw the things in my mind in themselves but through the process of touching the paper with the pencil in my hands I try to discover something. So in this sense it is a tool, but it is not just a tool. It’s a medium through which I can communicate with myself. It‘s really important. Through drawings I can sometimes deeply understand what I think. First I draw and then come the words. It’s amazing, but sometimes I don’t fully understand what I’m thinking, and through drawings I can discover what’s in my mind.

I like drawing people. This is the beginning of architecture… people walking and moving about in the field.