Even before my university years I took an interest in how SPACE can be expressed in a drawing (in the line). However, it was not my continuously forming design technique that led me to find the answer to what transfers and relations occur between the line I draw and the intent of my hand, mind and heart – or posed more questions of this kind that still captivates me.

It was my TRAVEL DRAWINGS that urged me to interpret and reinterpret the role of the line and they continue to do so even today. For me the most beautiful and euphoric challenge is to understand the mystery of the undulations and rhythm of the hills of my homeland, the landscape of Kalotaszeg (in Transylvania), or the tissues of lines of the cathedrals of Rheims, Rouen, Amiens and Tours conglomerating into SPACE. When I try to explain the FORMULAE of my houses, the TRUTH held by the lines forming into SPACE gain special importance. Through their thickness and momentum they think together with me and hierarchy disappears in our strange relationship, i.e. it no longer matters whether I give direction and life to the line or it is the line that takes control.