Three Frank Gehry drawings

In the afternoon of 30 June 2023 I was sitting on the terrace of the Vörös Sün restaurant in the Buda Castle with a circle of friends, four of whom were American and we three Hungarians. Frank Gerhy, Irving Lavin and their wives, Mrs Bertha Gerhy and Mrs Marilyn Lavina, as well as Professor Kázmér Kovács, sculptor Nemere Kerezsi, and myself. While we were waiting for the waiter to bring our food we chatted about Budapest. Opposite us was what remained of the Army Headquarters, which was shot to pieces in World War II and since then had remained as an eyesore serving as the first impression for every tourist who came to Buda Castle. Frank Gehry did not understand why something had not been done with this beautiful building. We tried to explain to him how there is a lack of money and all. Gehry had already started drawing what he thought could be done with it. Pen in hand he took his serviette and line and word began to flow. After a few minutes there was a Gehry scribble – well known from expensive albums – on the serviette. His drawings are very individual and quite unmistakable. Through them a simple serviette turned into something meaningful. I watched how a typical Gehry scribble was drawn and in my mind’s eye I already saw how it would end up in the bin after the waiter cleared the table.

Action had to be taken at once.

I had a spiral bound notebook on me. I pushed the palm-sized notebook opened up in the middle into the hands of the master. Our eyes met for a moment and I broke his train of thought, but he knew exactly what was happening and resumed his drawing as if giving an autograph. This is how I came into possession of three Frank Gehry drawings.