For me, drawing is important because through it I can put my thoughts down on paper. But there are others who express their buildings in drawing. Once my tutor, György Vadász, designed a house for himself, which he had worked on for months hidden away in a corner of his office. He made some beautiful drawings with plants and flowers on them, small dumb-bells in the rooms, and here and there you could even discover the house. When we offered to make working drawings from this he was offended as he thought there was no need since here were the drawings. I’m not like that. I stop at the level of “ugly” sketches. For me drawings are only necessary until I’ve got my thoughts down on paper. If I had to explain my ideas without drawing, I’d be in big trouble. I read that Walter Gropius was hopeless at drawing. I can quite imagine how difficult it must have been for him to explain to Adolf Meyer what exactly he had in mind about some of his buildings.