My brain invents the House.
The mind is a four- or more dimensional “something”.
In my neurons the tension of creative energy flows into my hands.
The House is a three-dimensional body.
My brain instructs my hand.
I grasp the pencil.
The idea seeps through into my muscles through my nerves, and in the meantime it loses a dimension and becomes three-dimensional.
I place a two-dimensional sheet of paper in front of me.
Through the tip of the pencil the three-dimensional House loses another dimension as I transform the picture into a plane.
I draw the House so that if somebody else looks at the perspective or axonometric drawing drawn into a two-dimensional plane imitating a three-dimensional picture in their mind the same four- or more dimensional cognitive process will be rebuilt that originated in mine.

The pencil = neurotransmitter.
The line = synoptic infiltration
Freehand drawing = the tempering of the mind through controlling the Dimensions = travelling through Space and Time.