Is drawing important? At the moment we work differently. The first step is always to make an analysis of the place, and we draw relatively little. To be more precise, we work with photo-collages which are much more directed than drawings. We use these collages to communicate within the team. The first ideas – and especially the solutions we record at the team meetings can of course take shape in the form of drawings, but to ensure the necessary level of control we immediately computerise these. “Real” work starts with computer-generated models, addressing questions like access, entrances, and cross-sections of a given volume.

Of course notes, comments, sketches and lines are added to the printed-out versions but these are again fed into the computerised models and the different scale models.

Naturally even the biggest house can be drafted with tiny sketches, but above a certain scale and complexity computer analysis is necessary.

Don’t I miss the feeling of having a pen in my hand to do freehand drawing?

Actually, I do have a little sketch book with me all the time.