These days my focus of interest is minimal tools of space…

The hand is the authentic tool for working out what our brain wants to make visible.

Line drawing of the inner space is the goal.

You feel it, you see it, and you and your body moves through space.
And this reflected space is now written into a drawing, which will be written into the city of Venice. And it would be nice to see a drawing that way. That is the remaining part you can’t really build. It’s better if we understand what we draw and if the drawing doesn’t come only out of the lines but it’s part of our own bodies; then it has a better chance of becoming part of the body of the city, of our global surroundings, of global people who are not so different as we’re led to believe.

I really love to say that architecture is still-life and not a mere lifestyle. Everybody can do and think the way they want. The way people choose to express themselves is the right way. I personally need, use, love and work with drawing. But I also like to combine it with other tools, such as writing. If you write something, it’s also about lines and at the same time drawing. For me drawing is the same as writing. But you learn to write. You don’t learn to draw. Drawing comes from what you wish. If you can remember when you first wrote something you always remember the pain of your fingers that made you free. When you draw you let it flow even as a child. Drawing, writing, and notation are all the same. Everything is a notation. A notation of an inner feeling, an inner wish, and if our pictures don’t have an inherent wish, you can simply forget it. But to bring out that wish, we use the line and the point. We shouldn’t just learn that from what people have said … people such as Kandinsky, as we should understand that the line is a fine theme because a line can be a point, a curve, or anything. It never ends.

Things change very slowly, ideas are rare, and we are happy when something goes in a certain direction, because of repetition and imitations, which by the way are nothing bad since they create new kinds of misunderstanding. So I have nothing against these often wrongly negative valuated fixed words.

But the only thing that goes on and on is a line - hopefully without an end.