The line is an axiom. It cannot be explained. It is. A line made by a computer is entirely different from one made by the human hand. The imperfection of my line is just as important as the perfection of what is machine-made. The digital line has a defined number of perfectly identical elements. It is from these that countless, very similar designs for buildings are born. A line drawn by hand consists of countless different and tiny particles that can be broken down further to the ever-prevailing borderline of science.

There is a third kind of line too: the one born in my mind. Is that one perfect? Perhaps in itself it is, but in relation to other lines, which are necessary for an architect, it is not. It is important to test an idea in practice, and what returns to our minds from the pencil held in our hands modifies the imagination. The work is elaborated through this “dialogue”. However, during its implementation the line becomes ever more impersonal. Nevertheless, it has happened more than once that I had the chance to draw my lines over a half-ready house. Those were the happiest moments.